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Unique Expertise

Whatever industry you work in, your company is a software company. Your business relies on software to support almost every aspect of operations—and the better your applications, the bigger your competitive advantage.

Even so, most businesses struggle to deliver software effectively. To hit deadlines, control costs and ensure quality, you need your engineers, processes, tools, and governance structures to work together in perfect alignment.

At Meridian IT, we have the rare combination of expertise you need to manage your entire software landscape. From COBOL and RPG to Java, PHP, Python and JavaScript, we provide bespoke full-stack application development and DevOps services, consultancy and outsourcing.

DevOps for a diverse world

Modernising your development process can transform the speed, quality and cost of delivery—but success depends on context. In today’s world many companies have a combination of modern web based applications needing to be integrated into rich legacy applications.

Meridian IT specialise in helping our customer integrate their modern web based development team often using Agile practices & Open source software with their legacy development teams into a single environment with a common set of practices.  

We understand the diversity of our clients’ DevOps needs, and we’ll build a process that works for you—helping you introduce today’s best practices and join the dots between your development and operations team, while preserving the value of your existing software delivery process.

Here's how we can help you with our
Software Solutions

Integration for end-to-end value

Meridian IT’s flexible framework enables you to pick the services you need—bespoke development, DevOps, infrastructure integration, business intelligence, cloud orchestration to name but a few—and combine them with a delivery model that’s best for you.

We can engage with you to deliver projects from end to end, provide consultants who join and mentor your
in-house team, or help you outsource your software function entirely.

And if you have a problem that software alone can’t solve? That’s where our Infrastructure, Cloud, Security and AI teams come in. By working together as an integrated team, we can help you build end-to-end solutions that deliver real business value.

Software Benefits

  • Helping you deliver DevOps either on-prem or SaaS
  • Modernising your Legacy Applications
  • Enabling our customers to deliver AI Solutions
  • Infrastructure Integration
  • Delivering BI on IBMi
  • Implementing Requirements Management Solutions
  • Providing Development Resource
  • RPG, Java, PHP, Python. Node.js
  • Containers with Docker, Kubernetes
  • IBM, Micro Focus, Arcad & Open Systems

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Meridian IT Software Services

Our software service offerings enable our customers to quickly and efficiently maximise the value of their software investment.

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