IBM Power 9 TCO: Improve manageability and enhance user productivity.

Increase your performance with less cores.

In many situations, clients who are running older generations of IBM Power Systems (Power 5, Power 6 and Power 7) can realise a number of benefits by upgrading to Power 9.

The Best Approach

There are both technical and financial reasons to upgrade.

  • Increased performance with less cores.

  • Access to the latest version of the operating system.

The Meridian Power 9 TCO study will look at the following:

  • Confirm ongoing costs for your existing IBM Power Systems

  • Understand the workload requirements and provide format and sizing for potential hardware refresh

  • Provide an architectural review with clients to discuss the most suitable proposed target architecture encompassing the following: IBM Power Systems, storage strategy and business continuity.

  • Provide a detailed proposal to compare the ongoing costs to the new proposed solutions

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