AI Vision Service - MAIVis

Based on the IBM PowerAI platform, Meridian have built a global managed service offering to enable both enterprise customers and software developers to benefit from the technological advantages of PowerAI and AI Vision.

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Features of PowerAI and AI Vision platform include

PowerAI Nvidia GPU support with clustering enabling up to 256 GPUs to be allocated to a machine learning task

NVlink, providing high speed data transfer between CPU and GPUs to speed up machine learning tasks

Large Model Support, LMS, removing the need to load separate AI models due to memory limitations

Benefits of MAIVis:


Free Proof of Concept service to ensure applicability of a solution

A pay as you grow service based on the number of images/video frames interrogated by AI Vision Inference Engine

A secure managed service from a trusted, experienced provider with appropriate SLAs

Integration services enabling both public and private cloud applications to utilise the AI Vision environment

Here's how we can help you with our AI Solutions

If you’re not sure how to get started, Meridian can provide a set of workshops that will give you the confidence to take the first steps on your AI journey.

Example Use Cases

Classification of electron microscope images to detect early signs of cancer in blood samples. Other health use cases include MRI and X-ray classification.

Machine learning to enable defect detection in manufacturing production lines – paint, deformities, abrasions etc.

Image classification of products in retail to ensure scanned items match with physical description – preventing low cost items being scanned in place of higher priced items.

Video stream analysis to detect unwanted or illegal
vehicles – high emission vehicles, height restricted vehicles or contravening out of hours regulations. Can be combined with ANPR.

Image matching for financial and legal markets – identifying if a scanned document has been altered prior to signature.

Cognitive Discovery workshop

Once the appropriate machine Learning has taken place AI Vision will produce an API that can be integrated into a mobile application, a website or as part of a wider enterprise solution.
Meridian IT software teams working with other partners within our AI Ecosystem, can provide support for the software development or take on the full project as required.

Once the application is ready for deployment this can
be either hosted as a managed service, on a private
Meridian IT PowerAI Cloud environment or installed on the customers’ premises with a remote managed support service for a PowerAI system with appropriate AI Vision licensing.

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