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Case Study-LINPAC

LINPAC makes a strategic move to IBM Power8 with help from Meridian IT

  • Industry: Manufacturing

  • Business: Packaging

  • Focus: Server, backup and recovery

  • Challenges

    • Need to refresh old software due torising maintenance costs • Existing machines could not beupgraded any further • High hosting, licensing andpower costs • Slow reporting processes


Meridian IT has built a strong relationship with LINPAC over more than eight years, focused on customer service and technical expertise rather than sales. Together they have delivered solutions enabling lower hosting and software costs, faster report generation and data backup, and greater scalability.

Business Challenge

With over 50 years of experience in food packaging and a deep understanding of the demands of today’s fast moving consumer goods industries, LINPAC leads the global packaging manufacturing industry. To ensure it stays ahead of the game, LINPAC needs to make sure its IT systems are up to the job. Mark Ramsden, iSeries Analyst at LINPAC, comments, “Our existing IBM POWER 5 servers were almost ten years old and the maintenance costs were rising year on year. We had also upgraded our existing machines to maximum capacity – if we had needed to add more processors or memory, we wouldn’t have been able to.“We recognised that moving to the new generation of IBM POWER 8 servers would give us an infrastructure that would be much faster and less costly to maintain.They would also take up less space in the data centre and use less electricity, reducing our hosting costs.”

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