Event: IBM IoT DOORS - leveraging new AI capability (RQA)

Thursday 26th September 2019 – 11am


IBM has recently announced the IBM Requirements Quality Assistant (RQA). RQA combines the power of IBM DOORS Next Generation with IBM Watson AI to help significantly improve the requirements definition process. It does this by flagging poorly structured, incomplete, or ambiguous requirements and providing guidance on how to improve the quality of a requirement.

Watson AI uses natural language processing and understanding to analyse a requirement’s text, suggesting improvements that leverage industry best practices, As well as improving the quality of requirements, in practice it will have a reinforcing effect as engineers learn how they can make improvements at origination.

While this is initially being launched for use with DOORS Next Generation, there is also intent to provide the same capability against DOORS.

So whether your organization is a current user of DOORS NG or DOORS, or you are considering how a formal requirements management tool could help accelerate adoption of best practice this session should be of interest to you.

This will also include a live demonstration and Q&A session.


  • Welcome & short Introduction

  •  Which are the Values AI provides

  • Why AI can help companies increase the capacity of our employees

  • Typical customer Use Cases

  • Demonstration: IBM Requirements Quality Assistant

  • Demonstration: IBM DOORS NG

  • Open Discussion

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