Case Study-Hitachi Capital

Hitachi Capital fuels growth with a scalable infrastructure from Meridian IT

  • Industry: Financial Services

  • Business: Business Finance

  • Focus: Server

  • Challenges

    • Existing systems running out of capacity as the business grew • Internal disk storage limited expansion possibilities • Need to add new applications • Need for improved resiliency and disaster recovery


Keeping up with growth is often taxing for a business’ technology infrastructure, and Hitachi Capital had pushed its servers as far as they could go. With further expansion on the horizon, Hitachi engaged Meridian IT to implement new IBM POWER8 servers to deliver the massive scalability and resiliency it needed to support its strong growth trajectory.

Business Challenge

With over 30 years’ experience providing innovative finance solutions that help customers grow and prosper, Hitachi Capital is one of the UK’s leading financial service providers. A wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Capital Corporation, the business employs more than 1,200 people and offers market-leading services to over one million customers. Over the last seven years, Hitachi Capital’s profits have grown by 35 percent each year, and its assets by 20 percent. Growth on such a large scale does not come without its challenges; the business finance division of the organization had expanded to such a degree that its IT infrastructure was struggling to support it. Mark Fallon, Unix and Storage Team Leader at Hitachi Capital, takes up the story: “Our business finance division had been running its core applications on an IBM System i server for years, and it had simply run out of capacity. Since we were using internal disk storage, we had no way of expanding the capacity any further.

We wanted to add new applications, such as IBM MQ, but we didn’t have space for them.”

As Hitachi Capital expanded, it also wanted to improve its resiliency and disaster recovery capabilities. Mark Fallon explains: “The larger we get, with more assets and more critical data, the greater the potential impact of a disaster becomes. Thousands of businesses rely  on us for financing, so we can’t afford to lose any data, and we can’t risk our systems going down.” Aiming to support further growth, Hitachi Capital set its sights on transforming its IT infrastructure to meet the demands of its booming business.

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