Webinar: “Git Ahead”: from IBM i change management to Git

June 4th 2020 at 2pm

Git for source code management on IBM i has multiple advantages. As well as a common repository for all your source code assets – open and IBM i – it offers powerful concurrent versioning, merge control and distributed development. And its collaborative platforms (like GitHub) open the IBM i to a new generation of developers.

But developing in Git presents some unique challenges when switching from traditional IBM i techniques. Some developers will adapt more readily than others, and some may fear losing some basic features of their traditional IBM i change management. To be successful with Git, instead of a “big bang” switch to open source tools like Git and Jenkins, you’ll need to change some ways that IBM i development is organised, first.
In our Webinar, using customer examples, we’ll explore the techniques needed to successfully transition your IBM i team to Git. You will learn:

  • How both “green screen” and RDi developers can simultaneously develop in Git on IBM i
  • The integrations needed to make Git concurrent versioning easy and IBM i-ready (custom project view, change history, etc.)
  • How to optimise your development cycle using Git on IBM i (smart “dependency build”, continuous integration, continuous test, continuous deployment, …)

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