Case Study-Infrastructure

Debenhams migrates to flash storage with Meridian IT.

  • Industry: Retail

  • Business: Department Stores

  • Focus: Storage

  • Challenges

    Growing data centre footprint increase denergy and maintenance costs Bottle necked batch processes caused performance problems at peak periods Increasing work load pushed legacy systems to maximum capacity Migration to new servers threatened to disrupt business operations


To tackle an increasing workload and maintain
excellent performance, Debenhams enlisted Meridian IT to upgrade its aging internal disk storage systems. With a seamless transition to IBM FlashSystem® V9000, the iconic British retailer now enjoys reduced energy costs, enhanced performance, and increased capacity in its IBM Power Systems estate.

Business Challenge

With a growing data centre footprint, increasing energy costs, and performance and capacity concerns on the horizon, Debenhams realized that the storage environment supporting its core business systems needed to adapt.

The existing environment had grown significantly over time: it now comprised multiple racks of internal disks, directly attached to the company’s IBM Power Systems

Iain Hounsell, Infrastructure Solutions Specialist at Debenhams, explains: “All of our merchandizing applications were running at maximum capacity on
these old systems. We had never executed a complete refresh, and our storage landscape had overgrown into a 12 rack system. As a result, we experienced high
energy costs and had multiple boxes to manage which were inflating our hardware maintenance costs.

“Not only was it important for us to increase and improve storage performance, but also to find the most secure way to migrate our data that would cause the least amount of disruption for our end-users. Moreover, it would help us take full advantage of our new IBM POWER7 server.” Debenhams turned to Meridian IT to help overcome this challenge.

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