Cyber Security: Today’s IT systems are far more complex, more open, and more difficult to secure than ever before.

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With the rise of organised cybercrime, organisations are struggling to prevent ever increasingly sophisticated attacks using traditional
defensive technologies.

Meridian IT has been delivering data security solutions for over 20 years and has the services required to combat cybercrime and deliver data protection compliance.

Meridian IT UK provides services which address the threat from malicious activities designed to impact a business’ profitability and integrity and deliver compliance with regulatory standards for data protection.​​

Here's how we can help you with our
Cyber Security Solutions

Protecting your business 360​

360-degree cybersecurity​​

Meridian’s Security Operations Centre offers 24/7 security information and event management services, monitoring your entire IT landscape and providing real-time alerts when we detect any suspicious activity.

We provide endpoint management to keep your users’ PCs, phones and other devices safe, and email protection to tackle phishing scams and keep viruses at bay.

Continuous compliance​

Securing your systems is hard enough—proving that they are secure can be even tougher. Customers, business partners and regulators won’t trust your business unless you can demonstrate compliance with their policies.

That’s why Meridian’s security practice provides managed data protection and governance services.

Protecting your data​

You may have dozens of services running across hundreds of devices—but a single mis-configured endpoint is all a hacker needs to breach your perimeter.

Data is becoming more sensitive, more valuable, and more tempting as a target for cybercriminals.

Emergency Response​

The stronger your security strategy, the safer your data—but there are no guarantees.
Cyber criminals are getting more sophisticated every day, and even the most diligent businesses can be caught out by an attack that nobody saw coming.

Vulnerability Assessment

We will identify those services which are publicly accessible and build up a knowledge map of the Customers exposure. We will assess and scan for vulnerabilities using a wide variety of tools and techniques.

The tools and techniques will be consistent with the current industry trends regarding exploitation of vulnerabilities. Meridian IT will attempt to find the weakness that can be exploited and attempt to gain further access into the network. We will attempt to penetrate the network up to and including the point at which sensitive data can be accessed.


Throughout the vulnerability assessment, Meridian IT will document and record each step of the process. We will provide a report which will include data obtained from the environment, and any information regarding exploitation of vulnerabilities and the attempt to gain access to sensitive information. Meridian IT will present the report to the Customer complete with recommendations and any immediate corrective actions required.

Cyber Benefits

  • Cloud and Email Protect
  • Endpoint Protect
  • Enterprise Protect
  • IBM i & AIX Protect
  • Managed Security Operations Service
  • Meridian IT GDPR & DPO Services
  • O365 Protect
  • Website Protect
  • Managed Compliance

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Managed Cyber Security Services and Managed Compliance Services

Addressing the threat from malicious activity and delivering compliance

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