Cloud Survey: Improve manageability and enhance user productivity.

Let us help you find the best solution for your business.

The question facing all IT Directors posed by their business is no longer, “Are we moving to the Cloud?” but rather, “What type of Cloud are we moving to?”

The Best Approach

Meridian IT UK’s Cloud Survey is a service that will assist business to determine the best possible approach to implementing a Cloud architecture. Meridian IT UK’s Cloud Survey along with its technical consultancy removes the uncertainty associated with the development of a Cloud strategy.

Carried out by experienced consultants using ‘best in class’ tools the Cloud Survey will ‘discover’ the entire connected infrastructure of a business including all hardware and software components. It takes raw data, which includes total processor utilisation, storage profiles, application requirements, software licensing agreements along with other key aspects of IT and business dependencies and transforms it into a management view. Using a data augmentation process Meridian IT UK will present a clear hierarchy and structure of IT asset ownership along with an analytical view of usage and costs.

The discovery phase of the service will provide an assessment of which components of the IT infrastructure can be delivered through private or public cloud consumption. It also assesses the business impact of moving to a cloud services so that a holistic view can be taken as to the appropriate level of transformation required to achieve the optimum business results.

The service then goes onto providing data backed recommendations of an organisations ‘cloud readiness’. Which applications, business processes and infrastructure would perform better delivered via a cloud solution and which would not. The report will identify the benefits and risks associated with each option.

Meridian IT UK’s Technical Consultants will provide a roadmap for both the technology and the movement of the infrastructure into which ever format has been agreed.

Working with the customer, Meridian IT UK can then agree the optimum approach to Cloud deployment, time scales and costs.

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