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Every business has its own unique vision of cloud computing, but most cloud providers expect their clients to conform to their own delivery model.

At Meridian, we know that our clients’ needs don’t fit into neat little boxes. That’s why we offer the broadest range of cloud and managed services possible: whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.

And for systems that aren’t cloud-ready, we can provide a cloud-style, hassle-free, fully managed service—even if your servers still live in your own data centre.

Our enterprise cloud provides infrastructure as a service to support applications on almost any major platform, from Linux and Windows on Intel to AIX and IBM i on Power Systems.

"As both the Skytap cloud service and Power systems have continued to evolve and innovate, Meridian IT has been both a trusted adviser and premiere authority in this exciting space. Our combined offerings have embodied Meridian's thorough, honest and transformative delivery for customers looking to the public cloud."

George Stamos - Dir. Strategic Alliances - Skytap

Here's how we can help you in the Cloud

Full-spectrum cloud services

Solutions tailored to your business

Moving into the cloud isn’t an overnight decision, it’s an ongoing journey. As a guide and partner, Meridian will be with you every step of the way.

We provide independent advice and pragmatic solutions; we have no vested interest in pushing you into the cloud if you’re not ready, or selling you managed services that don’t add value.

If your legacy systems aren’t suitable for cloud deployment, we’ll tell you. But we’ll also help you find a solution that gives you the same benefits, and support you in modernising it if and when you’re ready.

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It’s tempting to think that life was simpler in the days when your “server landscape” was a large box that sat in the office basement. Today’s software-defined, containerised, hybrid cloud infrastructures may be more flexible, scalable and cost-effective—but they’re also far more complex to manage.

That’s why at Meridian we offer much more than just infrastructure-as-a-service. We solve the tough problems of cloud architecture management so that you don’t have to.

Beyond infrastructure- as-a-service​

Many cloud providers will happily spin up a few servers and leave the rest up to you. At Meridian, we don’t subscribe to that approach. When you’re with us, we’ll support you all the way to success.

That’s why we provide a host of value-added services that extend the benefits of our cloud architecture.

Cloud Benefits

  • Cyber security services that keep your systems and data protected 24/7, wherever they reside.
  • DevOps services that help you deploy software faster and more reliably
  • AI services that accelerate machine learning with state-of-the-art hardware.​
  • Backup as a service
  • Disaster recovery as a service
  • High availability as a service
  • 24/7 helpdesk services

Want to know more about how we can help you with the Cloud? book a consultation with our Cloud Services team today.

Managed Cloud Services

The Meridian IT UK Cloud infrastructure resides in secure, resilient UK data centres, and is an integral part of Meridian Group International’s Managed Service capabilities worldwide.

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