Blog: Are you capturing your requirements correctly?

By James Cole, Meridian IT

Requirements management can seem a never ending task with a large overhead of time spent merging and auditing due to the current business tool set. No matter how big or small a project or what methodology you are following, they should all start with gathering your requirements from different stakeholders.

The V model

Whether or not you are following the traditional “V-Model”  the engineering lifecycle from requirements through to implementation and testing, the IBM ELM (Engineering Lifecycle Management) portfolio has capabilities to adapt to both. This includes the market leader IBM DOORS tool, which is used by various industries to gather and define requirements for their key projects and often is mandated as the tool of choice.

Most businesses start with either IBM DOORS or IBM Engineering Doors Next to gather their requirements as this enables business Analysts to capture, measure and audit the requirements followed closely by test management to analyse which requirements are covered by a test or not.


One of the important decisions to consider when choosing a requirements tool is can you audit them? Are we compliant? How we know we are compliant? This is just one of the IBM ELM portfolio strengths. It enables easy collaboration with full audit and review process, which enables the business to provide the evidence to both auditors but also stakeholders on what was agreed to be delivered. The IBM DOORS family enables the business to baseline the requirements at various parts of the project, more importantly track who/what/where and why as the system allows us to capture the information.


IBM Engineering Doors Next is available on either on premise or IBM SaaS to cover the various sectors business needs and/or part of a digital innovation journey. While in the past businesses have been cautious about moving to a cloud based solution, it is a now a common question that is asked to see if it available on cloud.

IBM Watson AI

Are you spending too much time reviewing requirements and/or peer reviews? IBM has recently released an add-on to assist with this called IBM RQA (Rational Quality Assistant) based on the some of the INCOSE standards to provide feedback and assist in writing good requirements.

Maximo Application Suite – Powered by AI

IBM have for the last decade been consistently named as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Asset Management. With the infusion of AI into the application suite it is now easier than ever to become an AI driven enterprise. Monitoring your assets to understand their health and drive predictive, proactive actions is how enterprises are now accelerating efficiency and cost savings across every sector. Alongside sensor data, Visual AI feeds the model development process to create your assets digital twin, propelling asset management & productivity to unprecedented levels.

Meridian IT is an IBM Platinum Business Partner with a long-track record of delivering requirements management to various sectors in the UK—so we’re the right partner to help you set out on your requirements journey. To learn more about the benefits of the Meridian, reach out to us today at

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