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Case Study-Bernard Matthews

Bernard Matthews has grown from humble beginnings in 1950 to become the UK’s leading turkey provider

  • Industry: Consumer Products

  • Business: Farming and Food Products

  • Focus: Server

  • Challenges

    • Rising hardware and software maintenance costs • Low energy efficiency of existing servers inflated electricity costs • Latest version of operating system incompatible with legacy hardware


Facing rising maintenance costs for its aging IBM POWER5 servers, Bernard Matthews realised that it could achieve considerable savings and performance gains by replacing the outdated hardware. Seeking a more proactive, responsive IT service provider, Bernard Matthews turned to Meridian IT for help – and gained a trusted partner.

Business Challenge

Farming over seven million turkeys each year, Bernard Matthews has grown from humble beginnings in 1950 to become the UK’s leading turkey provider.To support the core systems that ensure the business’continued success, Bernard Matthews relied on its two IBM POWER5 servers. However, after nearly 15 years of smooth operation, the maintenance costs of these aging servers were becoming prohibitively expensive. Kevin Packard, Application Services Team Leader at Bernard Matthews, explains: “With the escalating hardware and software maintenance, and rising electricity bills, we had reached the point where it was more expensive to continue running our existing servers than it was to purchase new ones. “What’s more, we always try to stay up to date with the latest version of IBM i to take advantage of new features and optimisations. But I discovered that our servers wouldn’t be compatible with the most recent release of the operating system. “It was clear that we would be able to achieve considerable savings and performance gains if were placed our ageing hardware.”

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