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Join Meridian IT and guest speaker from IBM, Sanna Randelius on September 24th at 11am, where Sanna will be showcasing the work that IBM is doing with AI in Industry. You will learn why the application of this technique in industry is gathering momentum and find out how you can engage on your own AI journey to deliver cost savings, better productivity and increased uptime.

While most companies are excited by the potential of AI, very few are able to harness it. That’s why Meridian has established a Centre of Excellence
for AI in the UK.

Together, we can make AI work for your business. Contact us today to learn more

AI is not science fiction—in fact it will, in some way, affect or drive the future of your business. Advances in technology mean that machine learning is already a practical way to solve business problems faster, more accurately, and at less cost.

Here's how we can help you with our AI Solutions

Five steps to practical AI

Define the vision:

Start by identifying specific use-cases for AI and assessing their probable impact on your organisation. Specify the practical outcomes you expect to see from building an AI solution, and the value it will deliver.

Find the data

Ensure you can source the data you’ll need to train an accurate model. This may involve gaining access to existing datasets within the business or finding ways to collect data from new sources.

Use your expertise

The people who work with your data are your greatest asset in an AI project. Intuitive AI Tooling will help them categorise and label your data-sets and define the outputs that your AI models should aim to match.

Build your model:

This is where the data scientists come in. Their role is to further explore and prepare the data, then start the iterative process of design, train and test of your AI models. Meridian’s AI-as-a-service solutions can help you accelerate this step and reduce the need for data science expertise.

Deploy and scale:

Meridian can help you integrate your models into AI-infused applications that you can deploy on premises or in the cloud. AI solutions never stand still, so it’s vital to ensure you can manage, monitor and scale them securely throughout their lifecycle.

If you’re not sure how to get started, Meridian can provide a set of workshops that will give you the confidence to take the first steps on your AI journey.

Design Thinking workshop

A one-day workshop that helps your business decision-makers explore potential AI use cases. We’ll use the principles of Design Thinking to understand the practical outcomes, plot your path through the five-step process, and identify any obstacles that could threaten your success.

By the end of the session, you will have defined a shortlist of three AI projects and selected the one with the greatest potential. Meridian’s experts will then provide an outline of a plan to bring your AI solution to life.

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Cognitive Discovery workshop

A two-day workshop that helps IT professionals, business analysts and data scientists explore the technical aspects of AI project delivery.

You’ll learn about cognitive computing, machine learning and deep learning, and the powerful infrastructure that makes it possible to build and train models at speed. You will also get hands-on experience of creating an image recognition model using the IBM PowerAI Vision platform. Ultimately, you will leave with a practical understanding of how to make your business’ AI needs a reality.

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AI Centre of Excellence

Meridian is the first company in the UK to give businesses of any size access to IBM’s state-of-the-art PowerAI servers—an architecture purpose-built to accelerate AI performance.

Our Centre of Excellence hosts a fully managed PowerAI cluster that is already running production AI applications for some of the UK’s most innovative companies:

  • Oxford Cancer Biomarkers is using visual recognition models to helping doctors choose effective treatment pathways for cancer patients.

  • Deepzen is making the written word more accessible and reducing voiceover costs by creating AIs that can read text with human-like emotion 

Benefits from Meridian IT AI Services

  • Free Proof of Concept Services
    for your AI model
  • Machine Learning Platform as a Service
  • Design Thinking Project Workshops
  • Chatbot Assistant evaluation consultancy
  • AI Software application development services
  • Established Ecosystem providing cross industry knowledge and expertise

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case study OCB

Oxford Cancer Biomarkers is using visual recognition models to helping doctors choose effective treatment pathways for cancer patients